The Metaverse

Crypto, NFTs, bitcoin, metaverse, blockchain, all these words are going through our ears every day.

What is this? Well I am gone talking about metaverse(interesting)

Metaverse, as I understand it, is a world where you will live digitally(online)3D

Example: Their is a well known game called Roblox which is famous in US(not that popular in India).It's an online game which contains in-games which are created by the users, the game contains just a city created by the users which you and your friends can hang out with and have fun or play a game with your friends


The metaverse concept is somewhat the same as Roblox but in a virtual way using head sets or VR sets. Metaverse is going to be massive in the next 12 to15 years. It's gone to be the next method of communication. As we know Facebook has changed its name from Facebook to Meta means metaverse. Meta is trying to create the same way as Facebook, just the way you will send requests to your friends and be friends, and communicate the same way you are gone send requests in metaverse and be friends in virtual reality and hang in or meta is trying to improve the level of communication or interact in different way. Example: at first you were doing a video call and saw your friends on a screen but in metaverse you and your are inside the screen and just talking the same way you talk in the physical way.

Metaverse, you could be anything, any character, any gender, anywhere and anything long-lasting in the virtual Universe. That's the main purpose of metaverse, even mark Zuckerberg low the cost of headsets so that metaverse can be affordable to everyone. now let me talk about the advantages of metaverse.

#Advantages-* You can live your imagination

* Learning makes it more advanced and gone makes it learn more interactive ways

* new type of economy will be built in which you could buy and sell stuff in metaverse for example NFTs

* you could be anything you want, if you can't walk in reality you could be flying in metaverse, you could be your dream character

* it takes you job to the next level, you could work together in the pandemic too in 3D way

#disadvantage- *Data Leakage which could be the main disadvantages of metaverse, which will be recorded in the metaverse company, are that it could be hacked by the hackers which contain all your activity in the metaverse.

*Metaverse is just a next level of social online community, you still need to be human and eat food, exercise, etc.......

*it could be addictive, you could be whatever you want in metaverse but in reality you are just a human with headsets in your room and when you come back from metaverse you will be just a human.

*the use of more headsets may have physical injuries

*addiction and have mental and physical problems like such as depression, anxiety, and various other harms related to having a such as an increased risk for obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Virtual, 3D, blockchain, data will change the world tomorrow. But the world of tomorrow will not look like people locked up in their homes with headsets on.