Fear about exams and how to overcome it

Fears about exams is habitual. Why do you need to fear exams? Exams are just for testing our knowledge and our understanding. There is no need to be afraid of exams. It is life changing for some but it is the right way to examine your knowledge and your ability.

Many are petrified about exams but what is the need to be terrified? Many are nervous about the exams well, you know what, it is good to be nervous about your exams. It tells that you worry about the exams. But many are afraid of it due to many factors like incomplete syllabus, threats, rewards and so On. If you have completed your entire syllabus and to you have had a detailed study (what is there in the textbook) then I can assure you that you can ace the exams without any fears.

Pupils put there hard work and effort and it might not be seen on the report card. But it might be Because of some internal or external factors. Some factors irrespective of internal and external are given below:

1. It might be because of some missed topic.

2. It might be due to some self doubt.

3. There might be some external threats.

4. There could be some pressure from home.

5. It could be the reason so as to showboat.

6. Lacking motivation.

7. Lacking preparation and planning.

8. High expectations on others.

9. Competition and so on.

There is no need to think about your exams twice. Exams are many reasons to change the lifestyle of a pupil. It may affect him/her and their family physically, mentally and financially. You can overcome these

shrills and trills by practicing these habits given below:

1. Proper planning and preparation.

2. Proper dietary requirements.

3. Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep.

4. Practicing some methods to focus and concentrate

5. Keeping electronics away from you

6. By not overstressing yourself.

7. Setting targets and so on.

Exams may resolve our life decisions but it certainly does not decide who we are and what we will become. Therefore keeping that fear at bay we must forget our past and aim for the Bulls Eye.

As told By my parents “Your aim should be for 100% and by doing so you are sure to reach somewhere near there target” which states that if we aim for the top with all our best, you are sure to reach at least 90-95%